11th week – Talk to your baby, Your baby can hear you!


Your baby now measures 4 cm from crown to rump.

  • Your baby might have developed the capability to hear you, like it has been described in Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ regarding Abhimanyu and Charkravyuh.

So, talk to your baby, listen light music to relax, read good books and meditate.

If it is your second pregnancy, ask your first child to softly place its hands over your tummy and recite a poem or tell a story. This would encourage the development of emotional bondage between the two and avoid sibling rivalry in future.

  • The development of inner ear marks the beginning of balancing capability.
  • As the neurons in spinal cord has developed, the baby’s limbs can move independently. Infact, the baby might be doing summersault in pool of liquor.
  • Your baby now can open its mouth and sucks its fingers. Tooth buds might have appeared. So you might also be experiencing preference to certain foods.
  • Though the genitals have begin to develop, they presently looks identical in both males and females. In female fetus the uteus begin to develop from apposition of two halves from each paramesonephric duct