30 weeks – Your baby is busy building stores!

30 weeks

Your baby is now fully developed and may measure 39-40 cms in length and weigh around 1100-1200 grams.

The brain continues to develop reflexes and now can store information in the form of memories.

The baby can blink and move the eyes.

The breathing capability of lungs is mature enough to help the baby survive, in case of premature delivery. Though, he may require some initial support.

The facial features including eyebrows, eyelashes etc resemble a term baby. The scalp hair are more thicker.

The vernix caseosa and lanugo body hair continue to disappear.

The bone marrow is busy producing Red blood cells. The RBCs contain Hemoglobin, a pigmented protein that carries oxygen from placenta to different organs of the body. The fetal hemoglobin has higher binding affinity towards oxygen than mother’s hemoglobin, as a result the oxygen easily transports across the placenta from mother blood to the baby.

He continues to build stores of fats, proteins, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. So, kindly take adequate nutrition.

You may now experience some breathlessness and chest discomfort as a result of growing uterus displacing the intestines and stomach upwards and pushing the diaphragm further up restricting the lung capacity. The pressure over the intestines could also lead to early satiety and reduced appetite.

pressure over intestines

The mild swelling in your legs that subsides with rest is physiologically normal. It is due to hampered venous return by pressure over inferior vena cave from the gravid uterus. However, if the swelling is severe and persistent, kindly consult your Doctor to rule out other pathological causes like pregnancy induced hypertension, anemia, hypoproteinemia etc.


The purpose to share this information is to sensitize you to enhance the bondage between you & baby. This broad information is purely based on the scientific data collected. However, every child may grow at a variable pace.