34 weeks – Be Prepared for Braxton-Hicks Contractions!


Your baby might measure 44-45 cms long and weigh 2000-2300 grams. The baby continues to gain weight and grow big.

The brain is maturing fast and all reflexes are well established.

The subcutaneous fat continues to deposit beneath the skin. It would,

  • Provide energy to the baby till successful lactation is established.
  • Provide insulation to the baby and offer protection against hypothermia.

The lungs are now matured enough to facilitate him to breathe independently.

The skin is less wrinkled, hairs are thicker and nails have grown up to finger tips and beyond.

Your baby is eager to talk to you, waiting to hear moral stories, poem or lullabies.

The baby is mostly active at night and sleep during the day time, a pattern opposite to that of mothers. As, discussed the nature has designed it so that mother and baby do not compete for the increased requirement of blood and calories while being active at the same time.

You may now occasionally experience irregular, painless hardening of uterus called Braxton-Hicks contractions. They are the reactionary contractions of the uterine muscles to the over distension or sudden fetal movements.

These contractions would subsequently be replaced by more frequent, painful hardening of uterus that are in true sense preparatory pains but wrongly labeled as ‘False Labor Pains’. They help in descend of baby’s head into the pelvic cavity and the softening of cervix. It is exactly like initial racing of motorbike after ignition to build pressure before moving ahead.

After 37 weeks of Gestational age these preparatory pains may anytime make way for the true labor pains with the onset of Parturition resulting in dilation of cervix and fetal descent.


The purpose to share this information is to sensitize you to enhance the bondage between you & baby. This broad information is purely based on the scientific data collected. However, every child may grow at a variable pace.