38 weeks – Your child is eagerly counting days!


Your baby is counting days to step into this world and embrace you.

He might weigh about 3000-3200 grams.

He is completely ready to be born and all his organs and their functions are well established.

In fact henceforth, the risk of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), another major and lethal complication of prematurity in your baby next to Respiratory distress syndrome, also drops down significantly.

He continues to deposit subcutaneous fat beneath the skin. Scalp hairs are thick and coarse. Nails grow beyond finger tips.

The pigmentation of iris continues for quite some time after birth. So, it’s not uncommon that the babies at this gestational age are born with blue or grey colored eyes and then subsequently turn into green or brown after some time.

You may experience increased frequency and intensity of uterine contractions, aches and pains in your tummy and back and stretching in your vagina. Get ready with your bags packed to rush any time.


In fact, you may urge to visit your healthcare provider frequently to ensure your baby’s well being or to confirm whether your pains are true or false labor pains.


The purpose to share this information is to sensitize you to enhance the bondage between you & baby. This broad information is purely based on the scientific data collected. However, every child may grow at a variable pace.