39 week –  ‘Nesting instinct’ will drive you crazy!


Your baby is just waiting for almighty’s signal to embrace you. You may deliver any time now. Majority of the mothers do deliver within a week’s time around their expected due date.

He is fully grown measuring 52-54 cms in length and weighs 3200-3400 grams.

All the systems including nervous system, lungs, intestinal tract are fully developed and functional.

He is busy practicing all the reflexes that may help him live in outside world.

As the baby would continue to descend into the pelvic cavity, you may further feel light and relief in breathing.

You may experience ‘Nesting instinct’, an overwhelming desire to clean and organize your home to welcome your newborn. It is caused by the hormonal changes that occur close to delivery time. It is proposed that once the mother experiences it, she would soon go into labor pains.

The Nature has designed it to ensure that the Mothers, whether it is birds, animals or human beings, organize and keep everything in order including food, safety etc before the arrival of new member.

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However, in an effort to do best, don’t risk or exhaust yourself physically and emotionally. You need to conserve your energy for the delivery.


The purpose to share this information is to sensitize you to enhance the bondage between you & baby. This broad information is purely based on the scientific data collected. However, every child may grow at a variable pace.