Back Ache During Pregnancy


Most women suffer from back ache during pregnancy. The back ache caused due to the physical and hormonal changes in pregnancy is usually tolerable. However, intense pain may indicate a pathology.

spinal changesSpinal Changes in Pregnancy

The hormonal changes in pregnancy leads to the laxity of vertebral column and hip joints, muscles and ligaments. To accomodate the growing fetus, distended abdomen shifts the center of gravity ventrally, thereby changing the axis of vertebral column. This leads to strain on the spinal nerves, resulting in lower back ache.

Back ache cause fear of miscarriage in the pregnant mother. However,  it is not always true.

Lower back ache in association with abdominal cramps may be due to the threatened or inevitable abortion, ectopic pregnancy, genito-urinary infections, appendicitis, bowel disease or spondylosis.

How to cope up with lower back ache?

 Tadasana-Mountain-PoseTadaasn-Mountain yoga

  • Do regular exercises such as – walking, steps, swimming and light exercise, especially back strengthening exercises under appropriate supervision. The exercises increase the muscular strength, relaxes joints and relieve pain.
  • Do not attempt those exercises that require bending forward leading to intraabdominal pressure, or the ones that require balance, that may result in fall.
  • Milk is rich in Calcium and Vitamin D, hence it should be taken even in postpartum period.
  • Vitamin D is synthesized in our body from the subcutaneous cholesterosl on exposure to sunlight, hence sunbath for 15 – 20 minutes is recommended.
  • Hot and Cold fomentation can be beneficial.
  • Do not use any painkillers (Analgesics) without the supervision of the Obstetrician.
  • Gentle massage with balm is advisable, but donot do hard massage, as it risks spondylosis. Avoid pain sprays, as they contain Carbon Fluoro Carbon (CFC), which may harm the baby.
  • Improve the posture while walking, lifting, sitting and lying down position.
  • Sit straight on chair, with a back rest.
  • Strict bed rest and lack of physical exercises may worsen the back ache. Hence, strict bed rest in pregnancy should only be offered, when there is risk to the mother or fetus.
  • Improve postures while lifting the weight as shown-


• Do not use high-heeled sandals.
• Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing.
• Sleep on comfortable beds.
• Give proper support and back rest while sitting.
• Use correct postures while watching television.


The information is shared to create awareness towards Pregnancy and Childcare to reduce maternal and child deaths. Atmost care has been taken by the author to include the verified information from authentic sources. However, kindly discuss the same with your health care provider before implementation.