Gestation Period

November 27, 2016

Itching in Pregnancy

Under the influence of a hormones called estrogen and progesterone in pregnancy, the skin becomes oily due to the increased sebum production along with changes in its […]
November 27, 2016

Obesity & Pregnancy!

Obesity is a modern day epidemic, affecting around 20% population. According to World Health Organisation, the obesity is defined as a Body mass index above 30 […]
November 27, 2016

Swelling/ Edema in Pregnancy ?

Lower limb edema is a common symptom of pregnancy. The growing uterus puts pressure on the Inferior Vena Cava (the major vessel that returns blood from […]
November 27, 2016

How to prepare First child to welcome Newborn & avoid Sibling Rivalry?

Human beings are very possessive. They always live in fear of losing. The thought of loosing or sharing often makes them insecure, may it be their […]