Different techniques of Breast Feeding


Breast feeding is an art which can be mastered with proper guidance, patience and practice. Breast feeding is the basic right of newborn and moral responsilibility of a mother.

Nature has given the power of pleasure to breast stimulation, so that mother enjoys breast feeding rather than pain and stress.

The following are few recommended positions that can help the mother during lactation.

  • Cradle technique:


  • Cross-Cradle technique:

bf-cross cradle

  • Football technique

bf-football po

  • Lateral lie down position:


  • Sitting method:


What is the right technique to latch the baby on breast?

  • The mother should be physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed. Stress-free environments aids in successful lactation.
  • Wear light, loose and comfortable cloths for proper Breast feeding.
  • Support the spine with proper back-rest, so that the mother do not develop back ache.
  • In case of sitting with legs dropped down, use steps beneath the legs to avoid strain on back and thigh.
  • Hold the baby comfortably, else due to improper position, the baby would not latch the breasts properly due to discomfort.
  • The head of baby should be slightly at higher level than rest of the baby, so that milk do not spill into lungs or inner ear canal through eustachian tube.
  • Apply pressure on outer aspect of breast by widely spread fingers, as shown in the image, so that the baby’s nose is not compressed by the breast and also the milk is expressed from the glands, that are situated posteriorly into lactiferous ducts anteriorly.


  • Also, the foresaid support on breast, project the areola and nipple forward. This makes it easy for baby to latch the breast properly and feed.
  • With proper latching, the milk is expressed with positive pressure into the baby’s mouth, whereas, when the baby sucks only the nipple, there is negative pressure on the ducts, that closes the lumen. In an effort to feed vigorously, the baby may bite the nipples resulting in soreness.
  • With proper latching, the baby’s mouth would be wide open with lips diverting outside.


    • The baby often sleep with in few minutes of breast feeding. If we forcefully try to wake the baby or unattach from the breast, they would get irritate and cry. It is always better to hold the baby in same position for sometime. They would get up on their own and feed after some time.

Advantages of Proper Breast Feeding to Mothers-

  • With proper breast feeding techniques, there is no injury to the mother.
  • She would not suffer from back ache. उसे कमर दर्द की शिकायत नहीं होती।
  • Proper and successful breast feeding gives eternal happiness and satisfaction.

Advantages of Proper Breast Feeding to Baby- 

  • The proper and comfortable position help the baby to latch the breast for long and adequately breast feed.
  • The risk of spillage of milk into lungs and inner ear reduces.
  • After proper breast feeding, the baby is able to sleep for 3 to 4 hours.
  • The baby gain appropriate weight.


The information is shared to create awareness towards Pregnancy and Childcare to reduce maternal and child deaths. Atmost care has been taken by the author to include the verified information from authentic sources. However, kindly discuss the same with your health care provider before implementation.