Does adequate water intake causes swelling in Post partum mothers?

Does adequate water intake causes swelling in Post partum mothers?


In modern medicine, this belief is completely baseless. But in ancient times, there might be some reason for its proposal. Let us make an attemp to demystify the reasons, if we can.

Hypothesis 1 –
According to Frank-Starling Equation of Blood Flow  and Poiseuille’s law of Fluid Mechanism, the net movement of water across the capillaries depends on the net pressure between the intravascular and extravascular compartment.

The two major forces that play an impotant role are – Hydrostatic Pressure, that forces the water out and the Colloid Oncotic Pressure of serum proteins that try to bring the water into the capillaries.


In ancient times, the women were undernourished and deprived. They always had to consume the left over food. Even during the periods of pregnancy and childcare, they were never fortunate enough to have adequate nutritious diet. As a result, they suffered from nutrional deficiency and hypoproteinemia.

According to Poiseuille’s law, there was a net fluid shift from the intravascular compartment into the extravacular space leading to edema. In the absence of enough scientific research, the ancestors believed that, the adequate water intake is responsible for this swelling and edema. And they proposed that the parturient mother should be deprived of water, lest they would develop edema.edema

In present scenario, when the pregnant women gets proper antenatal care and diet, she no more suffer from hypoproteinemia and hence there is no net fluid shift leading to edema. In fact, the water deprivation can lead to decreased milk produciton and lactation failure.

Hypothesis 2 –

In ancient times, there was lack of labourer class women. The women were forced to resume their duties at the earliest, immidiately after childbirth. If she would consume adequate water, there would be plenty of milk production. When she would not be able to feed the baby on field, she would suffer from breast engorgement, pain and infection. In order to avoid the agony, she was deprived of adequate water intake, so that mik production is deficient and not only she would resume her work early, but also, breast engorgement and pain could be avoided.



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