Does after delivery air fills inside the body through ear?


There is a tympanic membrane between the outer and middle ear. It maintains air pressure balance between the two, aids hearing and prevents the ingress of contamination. So as long as it is intact, the air cannot enter the body through it!

tympanicear drum

What might be the possible reason behind the recommendation to cover the ears –

In ancient India, Parda pratha (Covering the face lower down with Ghungat) was a social practice to ensure the safety of females from molestation.


Ghungat was not only nuisance and uncomfortable to mothers, but it used to interfere in newborn care too. Also, in cases of emergency, the mother would not be able to recognize in time and act fast to safe guard the baby.

So our elders logically proposed to replace the Ghungat with a cover on head and ears to aid in baby care without interfering with the sanctity of rituals and social beliefs.


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