Happy Pregnancy Blog Contest- 6th Dec 2016 to 23rd Jan 2017


Save Lives, Win Prize!

To welcome upcoming year 2017 with the mission to make this world a safe and better place for our progeny, Happy Pregnancy app is organising a world wide blog contest.


How to improve maternal and child care to make every Pregnancy/ Child care a safe and happy experience?


6th December 2016 to midnight of 23rd Jan 2017.

Result Declaration-

26th January 2017.


Most Popular Blogs:

1st Prize  – Rs. 10,000 (INR)

2nd Prize – Rs 7000 (INR)

3rd Prize – Rs 5000 (INR)

The selected blogs would be posted on facebook page of app.

Rules & Regulations:

1- Multiple enteries can be submitted by any member.

2- All the articles on relevant topic should be posted on the Family Forum of Happy pregnancy app available in Android and iOS appstore (Author-Dr.Sachin Gothi).

3- Articles should be written either in Hindi or English.

4- Submitted posts that receives minimum 100 likes would only be considered for the contest. So, invite your friends to download the app and like your post.

5- The selection of winners would be based purely on the maximum likes received and no other criteria would be considered.

6- Discretion of the organisers would be final.

7- The prize money would be awarded to winners through RTGS within one week of the declaration of results.

For further details refer to upcoming events segment on app or write to happypregnancyinitiative@gmail.com