How to improve maternal and child care to make every pregnancy/childcare a safe and happy Experience?


If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist god in a miracle—Irma Bombeck


I truly believe in each word written above by the author. Nothing comes close to the feeling of nurturing a life inside you. It has never been aptly described in words and it never will be.  It sums up the role of women on this  planet. Life exists inside a life is a miracle in itself and god has chosen only women to take this beautiful responsibility. I feel privileged to be one such women who was bestowed with this awesome experience twice. While this experience is unique in itself, it also has a mixed emotions & strong commitments to it. Also to make it a better one, lot of awareness is required to create a healthy you and a healthy baby.


Few things that I account as vital stats during the course of pregnancy which every expecting mother should always remember are.


1.    Mothers core responsibility is to nurture her child and it often depends on her state of mind and all thanks to the pregnancy hormones which gives u a quick cry and a sudden laughter totally surprising your basic nature every time. So remaining happy despite of the circumstances around you is the key. This will bring a lot of positivity to you and your child.

2.    Often in Indian society taking care of women’s eating needs while pregnant is overlooked but a lot of importance is given to diet post pregnancy. And I personally feel the other way, to nurture the carrier of that life is equally important. So we need to understand why a healthy diet is important during pregnancy. Also “eating for two” is just not apt. Nutrition sure does play a very vital role. You require all the important vitamins, minerals, iron, folic acid and protein in your diet. And if need be the same is supplemented as medicines. This is sure to promote your baby’s growth and development and will help you gain healthy weight.

3.    Any form of exercise as prescribed by your doctor is also a very important part of your pregnancy routine. This will help you ease out many pregnancy discomforts and will make you flexible, stress free, relaxed, and stay in shape.

4.    It makes me sad to admit the fact that the role of various test and screenings performed during pregnancy are mostly underrated in india and a lot of awareness needs to be created to educate people understand their importance. People still have that mindset that sonographies bring bad health and defects to the babies and they really doesn’t care to know about there baby’s growth and risk associated to a mother at every stage of pregnancy. So keeping a check on you and a sneak peek in your baby’s development is very important and sometimes very critical to track down various abnormalities and need for medical intervention if any. This sure gives a mental relief to a mother who is constantly making efforts to keep her baby healthy and fine. 


So before I rest my pen, my only message to each one of you reading this article is let’s do our bit and educate people around us. Be it a maid coming to your house, a female coworker at office, a neighbor, a friend, a social group you are in or any scope you see around  that can benefit anyone, please reach out to them. Your words, guidance and knowledge can sure create a better world for a lot of mothers & children’s and not to mention this will also bring a sense of satisfaction to your life too. Give back to the society!!