Is there any scientific reason for isolation of lactating mother?

Is there any scientific reason for isolation of lactating mother?


Our ancestors  were very scientific and rational. However, in absence of research and development, they did not have the proper explanation. Some of the beliefs and rituals associated with pregnancy and childcare really hold true even today, but some have become irrational and there is a definite need to condemn them.

In ancient times, the women were exploited and they did not get their due share of respect and freedom. So, in an attempt to socially revolutionize their status, our ancestors tried hard to support them atleast in times, when they are most vulnerable to assault and needs physical, mental and emotional support, i.e. during mentruation, pregnancy, birthing and childcare.

During the first 6 to 8 weeks of their life, the innate immunity of the newborn is not developed. They are entirely dependent on the passive immunity inherited from the Mother for the prevention from infections. So, to safeguard the mother and the newborn from community acquired infections, the duo were isolated from the society, including the father, may bring the contamination. Also, the another reason for advocating the isolation from father was to avoid the pressure from him for sexual intimacy to the lactating mother.

The reason for social isolation of the entire family was to relieve them from social activities and rituals, so that they can utilize their valuable time in caring for the mother and newborn.



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