Lesson a Seed teach us.


A seed always try to break it’s shell and germinate whenever it gets a chance without fear whether it would grow as a tree or die as a sapling.

As per the ‘Law of Averages’ , everyone has to experience their own share of failures along with fruits of success.

There is no sure shot recipe for success. Even if same things would have worked ‘n’ times, it cannot guarantee the success at ‘n+1th’ time.
Unfortunately many times we don’t attempt or take required risks due to fear of failures, burning our fingers or uncertainties of Success and loose the battle before it start.

A seed die without germination.

‘Don’t let your Ideas and dreams die.’

Let them germinate in the soil of passion, nurture them well with hard work, fertilize them with required skills, protect them from the weeds of Negativity and most likely the crop of Success will spread it’s greenery all around.

Remember, There is only one LIFE & let’s Live It Full Extent.