Our little bundle of Joy has arrived!!!


Our little bundle of joy has arrived!!!
Please welcome Pranav (Sound of *OM* – The breath of creation from which the whole universe was created).
D.O.B : 14 Feb 2017

Dear Dr. Sachin
We are not sure how to begin to thank you.
We have never met a doctor who is so sincerely interested in his patients well-being, works as a team with his patients and handles them so patiently.
You are incredible at what you do and we are so thankful we found you!!!
We are so greatful for you and your staff, for how much you have gone out of your way, for the wealth of information you have provided us and the quality of time you spent with us to just let us know “It’s all going to be OK!”.
Thank you Dr. Sachin for everything – we are lucky and blessed to find you!!!

Saurabh, Rekha and Pranav