Papa touch your feet and say sorry to yourself!


How my child made me realize my mistake and help me control my anger?
My elder son who is 9 years old had hurt himself while playing. He was making fuss in taking his medicines. My wife and I was trying to bribe him with gifts, toys, candies etc. but with everything in vain.
When the carrot was not working, we had no option but to try stick. I scolded him that if he doesn’t take his prescribed medicines, I would barr him from going to play with his friends.
My younger son who is just 3.5 years old was observing everything silently. He immediately turned towards me and said, “Papa say sorry. Why are you forcing Bhaiya?”
To acknowledge his love and concern towards his brother, I told sorry to my elder son. But, still unhappy, he told me, “Papa touch your feet and say sorry to yourself, as you have not kept your promise. You had told that every family member will talk politely to each other and no one would speak harshly or raise voice. Since you forgot your words, you have to say Sorry to yourself.”
I was surprised by the way my little child taught me the lesson of life- I have to behave myself in a manner that I want him to follow. I have to stop being hypocrat and set a role model for my family.
I love you dear son.