Pseudocyesis/ False Pregnancy/ Phantom Pregnancy


In infertile females who are desperate for pregnancy, rarely as a result of hormonal imbalance sometimes the menses stop for uncertain period. They start experiencing the same symptoms like real pregnancy like morning sickness, breast pain, abdominal distension etc. In fact, they perceive and misinterpret the bowel movements as fetal movement. They fear menstrual bleeding as threatened abortion. This false pregnancy is called as Pseudocyesis or Phantom Pregnancy.

At the end of nine months, these females do experience the labor pains. In fact, they blame that hospital staff has stolen the baby she has delivered.


It is very important to timely convince these females about their plight with the help of blood investigations and ultrasonography, lest they would become aggressive of land up in depression and commit suicide.


The information is shared to create awareness towards Pregnancy and Childcare to reduce maternal and child deaths. Atmost care has been taken by the author to include the verified information from authentic sources. However, kindly discuss the same with your health care provider before implementation.