Red Stop, Green Go!


It was a routine Sunday morning, when entire family was ready to take Breakfast together. I was busy filing my papers and finishing my office work, when my wife called me to join them. I left the papers on table in my room, closed the door and joined them.

When I finished my meals and came back I saw my 7 year’s old elder son was making his crafts with my papers.

I was fuming with anger. I shouted, “Oh God! What do you think of yourself? Don’t you understand how important these papers are? Why did you touch my papers? How many times have I told you not to frigid with my papers? Now, again I have to do all my work, else my Boss will sue me!”

My son was trembling in fear. He was feeling sorry but could not speak. His innocent silence was adding fuel to my anger. I continued, “Why are you standing like a dumb here? Don’t you regret for what you have done? Don’t you know that you should say sorry for your mischief?”

My wife rushed to us. She took my son in her warm arms to protect him from my unjustified and over exaggerated reaction. As soon as she hugged; my son who was trying hard to control his fear and emotions burst into tears.

My wife told me, “Why are you becoming so furious! Had he knew the importance, he wouldn’t have done it. He is just 7 years. Look at your face; it is red hot with anger.”

My three year old son who was watching the whole incidence with surprise, immediately interrupted, “Papa, my teacher has taught me, Red Stop, Green Go. So, if your face is red, you should stop there and do not move further.”

Suddenly, I was ashamed and filled with guilt. I realized my mistake. It appeared as if God himself is trying to teach me the lesson of life through my child.

‘Oh God! What have I done? For just few papers and little extra work, I have broken the heart of my innocent child. I forgot that the papers can again be arranged, but my son’s emotions would be hurt forever. He would carry this wrath and resentment throughout his life.’

I remembered my father’s advice. He always used to tell me, “Whenever we are red and furious with anger we should stop immediately, close eyes, take a deep breath and think twice before reacting. Any work when done in Anger will be Devil’s. But, when we are calm and composed we should go ahead as planned. “

My little angle, your words ‘Red Stop, Green Go!’ has enlightened me.

I never thought the colored signs of Traffic Signal have such in-depth meaning that I could never realize, but my innocent three years old son could perceive.

That is why they say, Children are forms of God.

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