What do we care more?


Let us be honest when we ask this question to oursellf. For it matters to none but our family and self.

As a husband why not assess ourselves?

1. Do I realise my duties and responsibilities as a “would be Father”?
2. Do I offer my pregnant wife, the confidence and time that she deserves?
3. Do I accompany my wife during her antenatal check ups?
4. What measures have I taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of my wife and my child?
5. Have I planned enough to welcome my child to this world?
6. Do I spend more on my luxuries and not so important things than on health of my family and self?
7. Do I feel the need and importance of asking the above questions to self or not?

Pregnancy is a miracle.
Let us join hands to make every pregnancy and childcare a safe and happy experience.
Let us strive hard to reduce the maternal and child deaths.
Let us come together to make this world the best and loveliest place to live in.